BJ24-200 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Bank

24V 200AH 4800WH BMS can be replaced easily Wall mounted & Stack on ground with hidden cable port Accurate display by LCD coulomb meter

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Accurate display by LCD coulomb meterBMS can be replaced easilyWall mounted & Stack on ground with hidden cable port

New Design

Application Places

For areas without urban power, the battery pack can be charged by solar panels, working with inverters, to provide 220V power supply for household use; for areas where urban power is expensive, the battery pack can be charged by solar power or city power during the day, and Electricity is supplied during times when electricity is expensive. The battery pack can also be used as a UPS to avoid information loss and emergency power supply caused by sudden power failure. Battery packs are suitable for commercial use, industrial and domestic power supply, agricultural power needs, and more.


★Ultra-thin wall-mounted design, the bottom can bear weight, easy to install with a small crane. All screw holes are built in, the appearance is stylish and simple, and all wiring parts can be hidden in the bottom space. Using lithium iron phosphate BYD brand new original battery pack, the cycle life is up to 4000 times, and the life span is more than 12 years. ★Dust-proof structure design, DC output, safe and reliable. The BMS compartment is easy to replace. Integrated dangerous goods standard packaging, safe and convenient transportation.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage: 25.6V Standard capacity: 200Ah Continuously use input current: 100A Continuously use output current: 100A Charging voltage: 28.8V-30V Cut-off: 2.5V single cell Self-Discharge( 25°C): <3%/month Depth of discharge: Up to 95% Charge method ( CC/CV): Operation: -20°C—70°C; Recommendation: 10°C—45°C Cycle life: Discharge cycle 2000 times< 1C, Discharge cycle 4000 times< 0.4C Warranty: 5years Size:673*468*166mm


★Various protection functions for charging and discharging ★Hardware discharge over - current, short - circuit protection function processing ★Reserve discharge control switch and discharge temperature protection position ★Very low static consumption current ★Smart: communication interface RS485, RS232, CAN

Storage and Transportation

★According to the characteristics of the cells, it is necessary to create a suitable environment for the transportation of lithium iron phosphate battery packs to protect the batteries. The battery should be stored in a dry, clean and well-ventilated warehouse at -20°C-45°C. ★The battery pack can only be square or wall mounted vertically. When installing the battery , be careful not to fall or tip over. Please contact us E-mail: sales@ Hot line: +86-191-5326-8325 Aftersales Service: +86-151-6667-9585

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